Is there skill based matchmaking in destiny

I see what you mean, and can empathize.

Destiny 2: Competitive PvP Glory Rank Improvements – Skill Based Matchmaking Thoughts

However, like I said in the first paragraph, loading into PvP and expecting your enemies to just let you kill them is unrealistic. Regardless of the playlist, there is an element of "sweat," or competition, in any game of PvP. If players aren't prepared either mentally or skill wise to face that, it is not the game's fault that they perform poorly.

I mean in pve if you do higher difficulty activities you get rewarded for it so if you're getting put in a mm skill bracket that makes all games a lot harder than most players have to experience then surely there should be rewards that go along with that, right? I used to be deathly scared of the crucible, but I am completely in love with everything that is Destiny. I remember back in Y1 I used to play scared, I'd sit back and play super conservatively. Naturally I'd be punished for it and I would be even more discouraged because of my poor performances. Around the end of Y2 I made it a goal for myself to actually improve because I wanted to prove to myself that I could be good in every aspect of the game.

I studied, watched others, practiced against friends and played a ton of matches. Of course the 6v6 playlist in D1 was the place to do that. Now in D2, QP can also serve that purpose, you can go in solo and focus on your personal performance. Quickplay helped me build upon what I learned in D1 to improve my fundamentals and individual technique. I understand that getting stomped out by better players is frustrating, but like you said I think it really helps to think about as a goal, something to strive towards.

If SBMM was present in every playlist with very strict controls there's no way someone would be able to gauge their improvement in a tangible manner. Fundamentals and individual technique? What the hell are you talking about. You seem to be overexaggerating the simplest things, delusions of grandeur. The idiocy in this comment is astounding. You get better playing level competition, because you can improve properly against those players stage by stage. You're saying throw the kid into the water instead of giving him swimming lessons.

The former benefiting you more than them. This case scenario only works in the event that the individual already has talent, and needs to sharpen their skills. It does not work for the average player.


And you not being able to see that shows your lack of game knowledge. They wouldn't even respond the notion is so ignorant. And again, it goes vice versa. How in the world are you getting better at the game by playing people worse than you? So they should have to get better, while you don't want to get better? There is no SBMM right now and the matchmaking is absolutely horrible for solo queues. I get matched against " playing for prize money " quick play groups with horrible players on my team.

You can't be good if you WANT to play against worse players. Your logic is flawed and one sided. The worse players should have to play against nerds who try hard, but the nerds who try hard shouldn't have to play against other nerds who try hard?

Many players feel skill-based matchmaking has returned, and they're sad to see it back.

As you and idiots have said on this post " the challenge is to play people better than you ". If someone spent time and effort to improve atbthe game, they should get to enjoy that skill by seeing more success. Yes that might mean being the best player in most lobbies. No skilled player is saying they want to crush noobs all day, we are just saying we want to FEEL the fact that we are good at the game. There are outlets for that in the Comp playlist and, due to its competitive nature, Trials. Arguably with the current lack of SBMM you're more likely than ever to face the "average player.

It's because you're bad at PvP, you're a below average player. The ONLY way to fix that is to keep playing and improve. It can be frustrating, but don't expect yourself to carry the whole team.

Destiny 2's Matchmaking Accidentally Fixed, But Players Want the Bugged Version Back

At least there's no loss streaks for valor though! Having no SBMM is great for anyone who is good, and awful for anyone who is bad. Quickplay is currently extremely easy unless you happen upon a full stack.

This is "good" for me, because I get to kill noobs without really having to try. This is incredibly shitty for the noobs, because they don't stand a chance. The people who like PvP are the people who are aware of exactly what PvP is.

PvP is inherently a "high-stress" mode, like you said. Going into a PvP match and expecting to have "low-stress" gameplay is utterly fucking stupid. Genuinely brain dead fucking stupid. At least if you're expecting to win.

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If you want a PvP gamemode where you can experience "low-stress" gameplay that means you simply want to stomp noobs. You are not demonstrating your skill by doing this. You're giving yourself the illusion of having improved. You're asking for everyone else to be forced to play against "tryhards" so that you yourself wont have to. Your post just makes me think you want to be able to continue stomping noobs to feed your own ego. I can see where that could be interpreted.

I played lots of Comp this season. I spent almost all of Season 3 in the Comp playlist, and I enjoyed it. SBMM is in full effect there, and it creates very sweaty, high-skill games with a tangible reward at the end. It makes sense to have to sweat, because of that reward. Quickplay lacks that reward system, there's nothing to chase. You play just to play, and that's the way it should be. I don't want to have to sweat for no reason. You don't have to sweat with SBMM either. You only say that because you want to have an easy time and still win. If you didn't care about winning then it would not be a problem to have SBMM, now would it?

You play quickplay for fun, you weirdo. Quickplay is a mode that carries no risk as opposed to comp.

Destiny 2 May Have Turned Skill-Based Matchmaking Back On

You can play it and lose all you want without it having any consequence. The reason you don't think that is enough is because you want to get free wins without having to try at all. That free win comes at the expense of all the worse players. That is the inherent problem of having no SBMM. It ONLY rewards good players. Your fun comes at the expense of others. The very nature of SBMM is that it requires sweating.

In either, you have to try just as hard to do well, at least have a 1. I completely agree with what OP said about apparent progress and feeling the advance in skill.

Should Destiny 2 Turn Skill-Based Matchmaking Back On? – Game Rant

In the past few weeks I've been playing more QP than ever, because instead of PvP getting more and more difficult and my performance remaining similar, it feels like the level of the challenge remains the same but my performance is getting better. Besides, solo queuing has gone from intolerable to actually being fun. I can experiment with new loadouts, try out silly tactics and in general just be more relaxed and still perform at least decently. That said, I realize that Crucible may feel frustrating for the less skilled players out there right now because they're likely going up against people way above their skill level.

Still it seems that win rates haven't changed drastically and I'd guess especially at higher skill levels, people are more likely to queue solo leading to fewer highly coordinated balls of death, and in addition the feeling of progress should be more concrete for those within lower skill brackets. The only place SBMM should be placed is in Comp and should also be placed in Trials connection based right now in the future.