How often to call a girl you just started dating

You will notice that she is not messaging as much as she used to and you may begin to panic. By the time you have mustered enough common sense to begin initiating more conversations, she may have lost interest. As I mentioned earlier, if you two have really hit it off, there is really no limit to how much you message each other. It would simply be flowing with the pace and rhythm of the relationship. You would essentially be allowing the messaging to happen in a natural way.

However, on the the flip side, if she seems relatively conservative or seems to be taking things slow, go along with that as well. You more than likely will have to do most of the initiating of conversation in the early stages, however, keep it to about one or two messages a day and no more.

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However, if she has shown a willingness to take it slow, keep your messages to one or two a day at the start. What are your thoughts on this topic? The amount of contact can increase a bit as we go along. At the beginning of a relationship - not a lot. Not until you're exclusive. A few texts a day and a few calls between dates is fine.

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UNLESS you guys are crazy on fire for each other, in which case constant communication is sort of expected. I expect them to talk to me and be affectionate and attentiive.

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Otherwise I lose interest because I assume you're an unaffectionate and distanced type and 'ain't nobody got time fo that. Of course there's always being too clingy, but if the woman is responding well and enjoying the contact, proceed. I think it's more personal than some universal rule. How enthusiastic he is and how much we joke around and have conversations about everything from the state of the nation to what type of tea tastes best is what I love about him. I love talking, and sharing little insignificant things. They'd just be a symptom of it. At least every few days or else ill assume he isn't as interested.

I personally like text conversations so if a guy texted me everyday as long as it wasn't constantly and 5 in a row when I haven't responded I'm happy with that. So say, if I erred on the side of caution by waiting a few days to compose a text, or waiting a few days after she got back in town before I called her, would that be too casual? I tried not to come off as desperate or clingy, but I think I've made her think I just don't give a shit. I'm wondering if I'm overreacting at the moment, as it's been 24 hours since I called her, and she may yet reply.

Or she didn't like the fact that I waited a few days before contacting her, and I should attempt to fix this. Or if my attempt to fix this will be seen as an overreaction, because she was busy doing other things with her life, and simply couldn't respond at the time.

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Our dates went well. I just think its been so long since I've dated that I don't know what the hell is expected of me, whether I should show overt interest, or treat it like a casual thing.

My instincts tell me to be casual. The results are telling me I've screwed the pooch.


It is too early to figure this out. There's still a lot up in the air. I still can't help but feel that it's early enough to make a really bad impression, and I may have done so inadvertently. She initiated it--I didn't force her into doing something she would have rather not done.

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This is a sign that she is showing traces of suffocation.

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Three times a day just to say howdy is a bit much. As is with the other important things in life, when it comes to calling your girlfriend, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters most. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.