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Ever since then I have this sentence in mind, when I do my presentations and ask myself if my audience really needs to see slides. But if I ever decide to do a slide show with ppt or key, the hints in this article are of great help!

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Reblogged this on georgeobserves and commented: First who is your audience….. Based on point 1, figure out the big message and the elements that make up the big message which should be, what…why…how.. Its these times that we forget the inane what.. Then often even when we remember it, it requires focus and skill to ensure that your ppt follows the what why how elements in whatever sequence. Once you have the elements on paper then get to making the deck…. This reblog has some good tips on that. Ok is so great presented problem http: Reblogged this on Keep it simple and commented: Every dollar would be a huge help https: Great tips and reminders for moving away from the tired, old traditional approach.

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Please see this article that goes even deeper into some of the challenges to creating a great deck: Reblogged this on Noo's Blog. Reblogged this on Analytics Ideas and commented: As a marketer of analytics software, I often find myself under a tremendous amount of pressure to create presentations which have WAY too much detail. This TED blog is a must read for any marketer or frankly anyone who needs to create presentations that convey meaning.

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Creating PowerPoint Slide Shows

Just returned from facilitating a presentation workshop where we covered these very points! So well articulated and demonstrated here. I plan to share a link to this in my blog: Certain industries fight these logical recommendations tooth and nail. I consider it my personal mission to break people free from the dull, language-heavy, reading aloud style that has become tradition in so many companies.

Deliver your presentation on two monitors

Really great information here — thanks so much for sharing it! I plan to direct clients here to support our work together. Reblogged this on Down-Up and commented: Interesting stuff to think about. My teacher discussed how to make slides that show how a person is thinking, this is right up my alley, great info, Thanks for sharing.

Reblogged this on Huda-Tsuyoshi and commented: Right when I need it: Why yes you can! Many of your recommendations have been neglected here. Macrocompassion, are you implying the picture has been shopped as it is too unrealistic? It is from an accident off the coast of NZ.

Indeed I am claiming that the picture has been faked. The displacements of the containers on the ship is not how such a dynamic occurance could take place. As an engineer with some knowledge and experience in such things, I know better. But this indeed happened. It is quite an amazing shot, and here is some video of the actual footage: Alright, I was wrong. That video footage is obviously authentic and very dynamic—the ship apears to be splitting in half on one side.

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Pretty impressive engineering if you ask me. Thanks for posting the article. Global Analyst and commented: You can create a hyperlink from any object, including text, shapes, tables, graphs, and pictures. To learn how to add a hyperlink, see Create or edit a hyperlink. PowerPoint includes ready-made action buttons that you can add to your presentation and that you can define hyperlinks for. Action buttons contain shapes, such as right and left arrows.

Use them when you want to include commonly understood symbols for going to next, previous, first, and last slides.

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PowerPoint also has action buttons for playing movies or sounds. To record a narration, desktop computers require a sound card, a microphone, and a microphone connector. Laptop computers require only a microphone and a microphone connector. Be prepared to begin timing your presentation immediately after you perform the first step in this procedure. While timing your presentation, do one or more of the following on the Rehearsal toolbar:.

Setting up a presentation to run at a kiosk allows you to control whether a mouse click anywhere on the screen advances a slide. For example, if you want your presentation to be viewed at a specific pace, set automatic timings, and then set the presentation to run at a kiosk.

Present on multiple monitors (and view speaker notes privately)

To give users additional control, you can add navigation, such as hyperlinks or action buttons, to your slides. Under Show type , click Browsed at a kiosk full screen. If you set up a presentation to run at a kiosk, remember to also use automatic timings or navigation hyperlinks. Otherwise, your self-running presentation will not advance beyond the first slide.

Turn your presentation into a video. Burn your slide show to a disc. Package a presentation for CD. To present your slide show in a window, where control over advancing the slides is available to the people watching, select Browsed by an individual window. Selecting this option automatically selects the Loop continuously until 'Esc" check box and causes your slide show to run in a loop. If you want a slide show to run automatically at a kiosk, you can control when and how the slides advance.

To do this, you can apply the same transition to all slides in the presentation and set the transition to automatically advance after a certain time interval. To see more transitions, point to a transition, and then click. To set the amount of time that each slide is displayed, select After and enter the number of seconds you want. To set the duration of each transition between slides, enter the amount of time in the Duration box.

You can export a presentation as a movie file. See Save a presentation as a movie file for more details.

Set up PowerPoint to use Presenter view with two monitors

To see more transitions, point to a transition, and then click the down arrow below the transitions gallery. Start the presentation and see your notes in Presenter view Article Add speaker notes to your slides Article Rehearse and time the delivery of a presentation Article Record a slide show with narration and slide timings Article Print your PowerPoint slides, handouts, or notes Article Create a self-running presentation Article.

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  7. Present on multiple monitors (and view speaker notes privately) - PowerPoint.
  8. Which version of PowerPoint for the PC are you using? Set up a self-running presentation To set up a PowerPoint presentation to run automatically, do the following: Under Show type , pick one of the following: Rehearse and record slide timings When you choose the following show types: