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How about they get normal matchmaking like meds and heavies now? Dating agencies is a convenient way to meet interesting people and initiate a relation of friendship and love. There is no hard and fast rule; you just have to interact and find out if you really get along-just like you do in real life. The only difference would be that the initial intro matchmaking would be through virtual medium.

WOT: Must nerf "Object 268 V. 4" or who cares? Syke2k18 [FAME]

But, this would be even more amazing sing you would not have to meet and share your details in the first meeting itself. Take a good deal of time and decide whether there is something special between both of you. The matters of heart are only understood by people who give too much importance to relationships. Dating agency Cork serves as a useful platform for thousands of singles out there who want to get into a gratifying and pleasant relationship without the baggage of meeting them personally in the first few conversations itself.

You can take your own sweet time and then decide whether or not the other person is compatible with you.

How MM works

Tips Please take your time and read the blog rules. Apr 26, 8. Hey everyone, you probably have noticed the EU thread or its mutations on matchmaking. It's pretty good - if you have a question about MM, you really should check it out. When my internet is back , I go to game and see that I do scout and patrol medal: T, TA, BatChats are faster and can kill you easily or predict and counter your tactics so getting into best bushes means suicide.

For the Record: matchmaking (MM) table

Even suicide scouts on low tiers are sometimes deadly. And passive scouting on himmel, abbey, airfield etc? All fights are just about frontal armor and guns and all you can do is distract and annoy enemies. Especially in national battles full of Hetzers.

I used to complain about it, but now I enjoyed it. I even platoon with pz ic sometimes and having fun wracking some high tier SPG, flakbus or butt of some tier tanks.

So tier IV is fine, you have the speed for flanking to unsuspicious tanks and deal some nasty damages. If you hate the M1A2 gun, try the stock turret using the mm derp gun and staying hull down. You can check out in Tank Inspector, that average battle tier for jumbo is just as expected — a little bit higher than 7, which is close enough to average from T6 to T8.

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So all works fine. Lower part of the table contains all tanks with unique MM, not only premium tanks.

Studying Your Feedback

It was always that way for Chaffee and it seems to be working fine, so why the butthurt? You guys are right, I thought that the British version is a medium tank. Jumbo has perfectly normal MM of T6-T8.