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They should be able to give you a ballpark figure. Do a search for "free online antique appraisals". Hello I havelage copper backed mirrors from an abandoned mansion in Justin Texas. The stamp in the back says jan. Their copper plated mirrors were made during the s and s.

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I haven't seen any that are extremely expensive but they are definitely coveted by interior designers because of the resurgence of mid-century and s style. I bought a long Mirror,I think it is old. On the back where the paper has been tore off it saids True Flect Copper Plated. Marye, there is no listing for Desoto Manufacturing in Chattanooga. Any way of knowinf if desoto manufacturing of chatt tenn ever made mirrors with eagles on them? Sherman, the candle-mirror test is one of those old folk tales. It is supposed to indicate a mirror's age by holding a candle or lighter close to the mirror and count how many flames in the reflection.

Then you multiply that number by 7 to calculate the mirror's age. Not something experts use but it is an amusing anecdote. Maybe someone out there has an idea as to when and where it was made. I'm not an antiques expert but obviously it has quite a few condition issues due to age, humidity, temperature fluctuations or dry rot. Since you have plenty of images to share, you should check out online appraisal sites that will examine the mirror and possibly provide information.

Hope your search reveals its background. You can send photos of your mirrors to see if they can identify the manufacturer and possibly give you an idea of value. That's the easiest way to find the answers you're looking for. Good luck with your search! I have a few mirror that i can not identify. Any help would be appreciated. Jennifer, here's a listing of a mid-century Hollywood Regency mirror that was made by Mt.

Airy Mirror Company under the brand Mt. Kochtitzky and it manufactured case goods including bedroom furniture, executive office furniture, pie safes and various cabinets. Through the years it expanded to include dining room and occasional chairs in its production.

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An article in states the manufacturing output included drawing room and dining room chairs, dining room furniture, and bed room chairs. Unfortunately, on June 9, , the Mount Airy Furniture Company was completely destroyed by a devastating fire. I was wondering if someone can help me in the right direction to go look up a mirror dated December 20th from Mount Airy Mirror Company I've looked online and I really can't find the information j I'm looking for I know it's not an antique but I'm just curious of the mirror and the making.

It mentions they manufacture, or at one time manufactured, Wonder Glo decorative framed mirrors. Here's the link from their website pertaining to the company's history. It doesn't even mention Wonder Glo. I am wondering if you can help me find information about the Wonderglo brand or company. Husband just came home with large mirror, super heavy and in great shape except the one peice of the 6 framing pieces was broken in the move. Not looking for value just curious about info. When i google, yours is the only article that isnt a selling site ebay etsy, kijiji etc.

We are going to fix the broken piece and keep it but i just like learning about pieces we own. MIA, it would be best to take a photo and submit it to an online furniture appraiser. If it is a mid-century modern mirror, it might have some value. I have a wooden mirror with shelfs in side i remember my mom had 1 whats it woth today i think a Mwhite, unless you know the person really well, I wouldn't ask for it back. Unfortunately once the mirror is in another's possession, they own it. I may have given away a worthy mirror how do i get it back without causing problem do u think person will give it back, also how do i know a mirrors worth it had silver or metal frame trim or borders and wood.

Teresa, a maker's mark on the back of the mirror the manufacturer or artisan that created the mirror will provide clues as to when and where the mirror was made. If the manufacturer is extremely familiar to antique experts, the value could increase. Once you discover who made the mirror and when, it will help determine the rarity and value of the piece.

Theresa Cramer -- You should take the mirrors to an antique dealer if indeed they are truly antiques to find out more about them. Hi, I'm very new at this a friend of a friends Mother recently passed.

My friend took me when the estate was foreclosed on and they were throwing away her life like day old bread. I found the image on flickr and liked it so much, I used it for the main photo. Judith Evans, the mirror sounds like a real beauty. I'm sure there is a great story behind it. Since it's been in your husband's family for several generations it is likely considered an antique and could be valuable depending on the maker, style and material.

Unfortunately, I am not an appraiser so it is best to find an online antique expert and send them a few photos. Hopefully they can provide the information you're looking for.

Just over 40 years ago I inherited a very heavy mirror. As far as I can tell the frame and backing plate are cast iron; the plate is held in place with four small nits and bolts which have never been removed, and it has a strong twisted wire to hang it.

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It's oval with an oval bevelled mirror and the whole thing measures 23" x 16". It's decorated with a cherub at the top, and what appear to be eagles? It has been in my husband's family for several generations but I would like more information if you can supply it. Oh - I'm in the UK. Mary, I did some online research and that age of mirror can be cut with a glass cutter. I would not attempt using a glass cutter on an antique mirror, but one circa should be fine. I would suggest taking it to a glass company and have them do it for you.

Melinda Moran, take a look at some of my other responses. You can look for an antiques appraiser in your area or contact an online expert. Give them all the details about your mirror such as a maker's mark, inscribed date, condition, type of wood, etc.

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I hope you can find out the background and value! Take a look at this link to get an idea how it works. Hi, I have a big mirror, how can I know it's value?? I live in Mexico and It's a little bit harder to find a person to tell me if it's valuable or even if it's really old or not. Can you help me? Anne, I've seen a lot of those mirrors and I just looked at a few on eBay.

Maddie, your mirror sounds like a fabulous find! Unfortunately I am not an appraiser so I cannot give you an estimate on value. If it was indeed manufactured in San Francisco in and did survive the quake it could be quite valuable. Find an online appraiser and send them a few pictures. Maybe they can help with your research.

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I have a beveled glass mirror that is approximately 8ft long. With an oak frame. On the back of the mirror it is stamped San Francisco. Can u give me an idea of the possible value of this mirror. It is museum monted. This mirror obviously made it through the San Francisco earthquake that took place. Any help would be much appreciated. The age and hallmark will also affect the value. Sorry I can't help. Take them to an antique dealer to get their opinion or do an online search for a similar set.

Jamie Brown--I'm not sure what the MF19 indicates. That's where an appraiser can step in to help you find out everything you need to know. Good luck with your research! Melea Cline--Look up an appraiser online and then they might be able to find a buyer for you. Deborah, unfortunately I don't do valuations.